Gold Guarantee

At the conclusion of our work, we ensure the client has the opportunity to review and approve the finished result. All materials and workmanship is guaranteed and we will promptly address any issues that may arise.

Service Standards

The following are the service standards of GM Hough Electrical.

Quality - all products and services provided by GM Hough Electrical will be of the highest standard and quality.

Professionalism - all actions by GM Hough Electrical will be at the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Systems - all activities within GM Hough Electrical are carried out in a consistent and quality manner as out lined in the GM Hough Electrical Procedures and Standards.

OH&S - all staff will actively monitor the safety of themselves and other staff members, our clients, and others who may come into our work space, and notify management immediately if any possible safety risk is identified.

Confidentiality - all staff will treat all information within GM Hough Electrical (about clients, suppliers, staff or other) as strictly confidential.

Teamwork - all staff will actively help and assist all other staff whenever they see the opportunity to do so.

Our Image - all staff to present themselves in a professional and tidy manner, and to behave in a professional way at all times, ensuring our good image is never compromised.